Travel Tips for Acne Sufferers

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Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. Often during travel we forget to care for our skin, and our normal routines get disrupted. It is important to remember to care for your skin during travel to avoid a disastrous travel break out. Here are a few travel tips to make sure that your skin stays healthy while you travel.

Get enough sleep. Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep well while traveling, but getting enough shut-eye is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and glowing skin. If you are on a long trip. Sleep in transit. Long flights are a great place to catch a nap. Not only will you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, but your skin will thank you to.

Invest in a travel sized bottle of cleanser. A large bottle of cleanser may be bulky or spill in your bag. Invest in a smaller size that can be carried in your purse or carry-on luggage, so that if you need to, you can cleanse oils and bacteria from your skin. A great way to carry travel acne medicine is in the form of a wipe. Wipes can pull dirt, oil and makeup from skin without the risk of exploding in your bag.

Make up remover wipes. While traveling you may not have time to commit to a length skin care regime, but falling asleep with your makeup on can result in dirt, oil, and makeup getting into your pores. That is why you need to invest in some makeup remover wipes. Wiping your face free of dirt and oil will ensure that you don’t wake up with a breakout

Don’t forget to moisturize, Often this is a skin care step that we skip at home, let alone while traveling, but moisturizing nourishes the skin, and can help prevent breakouts, wrinkles, pimples and signs of aging

Sunblock: Even if you aren’t traveling to a warm area with lots of sun it is important to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Too much sun can damage the skin, and lead to dryness, dark spots, and premature wrinkles. While sunblock may not directly treat acne, it can help save the protective layer of your skin and save you from a mid-trip breakout. It is advisable to use a sunblock that is formulated for the delicate skin of the face to prevent applying a heavy oily formula. If pimple is a problem you should also avoid using a moisturizer with harsh perfumes or chemicals as it can further irritate the skin.

Traveling and jet lag can dry out your skin.
So when you get some down time you can apply a nourishing mask to replenish skin’s natural moisture and vitamins. It seems like a lot of trouble, but applying a skin clearing mask will help you to feel and look your best. Most masks take ten to fifteen minutes to apply so you can catch a cat nap while the mask dries.

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