The Best Options for Cooling Bedrooms This Summer

  1. The-Best-Options-for-Cooling-Bedrooms-This-Summer

The human body is designed to adapt to the surroundings, which is why we can survive in scorching heat as well as in freezing cold temperatures. In the recent years due to global warming, the situation has become worse. Don’t you feel too hot in summers? Summers are naturally hotter than other seasons. We can somehow tolerate the heat in the daytime but the problems arise at night. No one likes to sleep sweaty and sticky on a hot bed! In this situation, you really wish for some relief. Cooling your bedroom in summer is not a difficult task at all. This is what we are going to learn today, how to keep your bedroom cool using cheapest methods and saving some bucks.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioning is one of the methods to try out. Air conditioners are the fastest way of cooling your room and bringing the room temperature to a comfortable level so you can sleep peacefully. The machines are meant to operate fast and within a few minutes, you will heave a sigh of relief. Window air conditioning units are definitely expensive than tower fans and ceiling fans, moreover, it consumes more electricity. If you are looking for cheap home cooling systems this is not going to help you.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning is ideal if you want to bring down the soaring mercury level of the entire house, rather than just your bedroom. However, the luxury comes with associated expenses. Central AC needs proper installation. Maintenance charges are huge. It will cost you a fortune to run a central AC.

Tower Fans

Not everyone can afford an air conditioning unit for their bedroom because of the price and bills. Who says that air conditioners are the only way of cooling your bedroom? You need no AC to keep your room cooler at night. So, if you want less-expensive but effective cooling, go get yourself a tower fan.

Tower fans are stationary units that give you cool air every time you switch it on. In addition to this, you can save a lot of space. You can move and keep it as you require. Tower fans are designed to operate without making noise. The best part is you can operate it without getting up each time with the help of a remote control. For an affordable tower fan with quite a few speed settings, take a look at this tower fan buying guide, stylish design easily merges with your home décor at an unbelievable cheap price and less consumption of electricity.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the cheapest options available in the market. The great style and additional features make it desirable in any household. A simple unit of ceiling fan costs nothing compared to an AC.

Tricks and Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Time to think out of the box and leave the appliances for a moment. If you observe your room you can easily find some options to keep your room cool when you sleep at night at no cost!

  • Pull the curtains on the windows facing the sun. It is essential to keep them open for a 1-2 hours in the morning, as the clock hits 9 AM, close all the widows and put the curtains.
  • Avoid switching on the lights unnecessarily. Lights will increase the room temperature.
  • Keep an ice-bucket near the tower fans or pedestals fans. As the ice cubes melt you will experience a gradual decrease in temperature.
  • An icy cool bath feels heavenly before going to bed and helps you sleep comfortably on hot summer nights.
  • Keep the windows open at night for ventilation and letting in the cool breeze.
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