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  • The-Best-Options-for-Cooling-Bedrooms-This-Summer

    The Best Options for Cooling Bedrooms This Summer

    The human body is designed to adapt to the surroundings, which is why we can survive in scorching heat as well as in freezing cold temperatures. In the recent years due to global warming, the situation has become worse. Don’t you feel too hot in summers? Summers are naturally hotter than other seasons. We can […]

  • Hostel-Sun-&-Moon

    Where to stay in Barcelona

    Nestling on the coast of the azure Mediterranean, the city of Barcelona is one the top tourist destinations in Europe. Known for its art and architecture as much as its famous football team, the capital of the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia is a must-see location for any tourist or traveler. In a city of […]

  • New-York-City

    New York City, A Magical Experience Awaits!

    If you’re planning to get away for a weekend and you yearn for entertainment, art and culture then New York City has everything you are looking for. “The Big Apple” is where it is at. You’ll want to check in at one of New York City’s finest 5 star hotels and experience the luxury and […]

  • Will-Reykjavik-Surprise-You

    Will Reykjavik Surprise You?

    Reykjavik is a beautiful city and very tourist-friendly, with many restaurants, shops and cultural attractions all within walking distance of each other in Reykjavik’s city center. Iceland is very easy to get around, so when you arrive at Keflavik airport, rent a car so that you can take advantage of tourist attractions near Reykjavik. We […]

  • Floor-Jack-That-Can-Help-You-Travel-the-World

    Floor Jack That Can Help You Travel the World?

    If there’s one thing I love more than anything, it’s being able to travel in the world. Travel is food for lots of things, such as independence, patience, appreciation… It can help you to understand a broader range of people and make new friends from around the world. I always ask myself one question: do […]

  • How-To-Travel-Green

    How To Travel Green

    So we do all we can at home to save the environment and reduce the carbon offset. We live green almost every day of the year. That’s right, almost. What about those two weeks of the year that you are on vacation? Are you traveling green? Here are some tips on how to live green […]

  • magical-dining-best-restaurants-in-orlando

    Magical Dining – Best Restaurants in Orlando

    September in Orlando is magical dining month, and this month I made it my business to sample some of the best restaurants in Orlando with wonderful magical dining meals available! For those of you unfamiliar with magical dining month, each September select Orlando restaurants offer a three-course, prix fixe dinner menu for $33. This might […]

  • New-Cities-and-New-Friends

    Coffee Talk: New Cities and New Friends

    At the beginning of this month I officially celebrated my one year anniversary with Australia. I remember it so well, hopping off that A380 at 6am, brimming with excitement after 4 months of seeing Luke only through my laptop screen. I was so looking forward to not having to factor the internet speed into our […]

  • Travel-Tips-for-Acne-Sufferers

    Travel Tips for Acne Sufferers

    Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. Often during travel we forget to care for our skin, and our normal routines get disrupted. It is important to remember to care for your skin during travel to avoid a disastrous travel break out. Here are a few travel tips to make […]

  • women-travel-skin-care-tips

    Travel Beauty Tips for Every Girl

    It’s great to go gallivanting around the world, every year more and more Americans are traveling internationally. In most case, there is no need to worry about the any incident or problems, it’s necessary to be prepared for unexpected things happen. Health issues while traveling could put a serious damper on your anticipated plans. Here, […]

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