New York City, A Magical Experience Awaits!

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If you’re planning to get away for a weekend and you yearn for entertainment, art and culture then New York City has everything you are looking for. “The Big Apple” is where it is at. You’ll want to check in at one of New York City’s finest 5 star hotels and experience the luxury and accommodations that will make your weekend unforgettable. Any of the Marriott owned hotels are a first pick in my book. A little known fact is that the famed New York City Ritz Carlton is now owned by Marriott. Not unlike all of the major chain hotels throughout the large cities in the world, not only can you expect stellar guest services and top rate restaurants within the hotel, but you’ll also find yourself never wanting to get out of the world renowned “Marriott Bed”. Designed by the Jameson Mattress company and certain to wow you, the comfort of the Marriott bed is unmatched. After a couple days of shopping and nights out on the town, you’ll appreciate returning back to your hotel bed, sinking into a wondrous night of much needed sleep.

New York City offers visitors a variety of activities that easily fill up a weekend. The shopping opportunities are endless, be sure to save your money as you’ll be finding yourself on the steps of boutiques that will make you the envy of the folks back home. A trip to Macy’s in New York City is more than just a typical shopping day. The historic New York City Macy’s, is a visitor must. A staple of the city and a shopper’s delight, Macy’s in New York City is truly an experience that every New York City tourist shouldn’t miss out on. After all, shopping in New York City rivals that of anywhere on the planet. Site seeing in Time’s Square, is simple to squeeze in while you’re shopping, as all of the best stores to hit are right there.

You’ll find that you’ve built up quite the appetite after a hard morning of shopping and site seeing, so why not pop into one of New York City’s diners, posh restaurant lounges (for a bite to eat and a classic Cosmopolitan) or any of the numerous world class restaurants. You’ll find that any of these lunch spots are conveniently located within walking distance or a quick taxi ride. No one drives in the New York City, so take a break from your car and enjoy the fresh air or let someone else cart you around for a change.

Nightlife in New York City is like nowhere else in the world. If you’re a lover of music and the theatre, Broadway beckons! Catch a show, stop into a jazz club, or if you feel like dancing and meeting new people the city has many hot and hip clubs that offer nightly drink specials and a D.J. ready to keep you moving to the music. In New York City there is a magical experience awaiting everyone.

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