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So we do all we can at home to save the environment and reduce the carbon offset. We live green almost every day of the year. That’s right, almost. What about those two weeks of the year that you are on vacation? Are you traveling green? Here are some tips on how to live green every day of the year, even when you are on vacation.

To and Fro

When going to and from your vacation destination, try to keep it within the same continent so you don’t have to fly. Driving is a good alternative to flying in order to save on the carbon emissions. A plane puts out way more emissions than does a car. How about traveling by train? There are passenger trains that go to many major cities around almost every country, and you can rent a car when you get there.

Where to Go

There are many destinations that are already coined as eco-destinations that you can choose from. Eco-destinations are defined as areas where you can truly enjoy nature and the natural resources that it provides. There won’t be any clubbing or skydiving on your eco-vacation but you can enjoy some hiking and scuba diving. Independent Traveler has rated the top five eco-destinations as Palau, the island that the 10th season of the popular television series Survivor was filmed, Costa Rica, the Norwegian Fjords, Kerala, India, and Kenya, Africa. Of course, you can find your own eco-destination by looking for a place where nature is the main attraction.

Where to Stay

Eco-lodging can be found around the world so there is no reason to have to stay anywhere else. Look online for eco-lodging and you will be amazed at the steps that many hotels are taking to go green. An eco-friendly hotel might be a new building with a Green Building certification or might be an old building that has made upgrades to be greener. Some upgrades might include using energy saving fluorescent lighting, water saving technologies, or even using organic cleaning products to clean the rooms with. If you want to travel green then you should make sure to find an eco-friendly sort of lodging once you reach your destination.

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